Send a gift or have your own piece of 13th century Royal Welsh Castle

Give a unique gift to the one you love...

Ruthin Castle is one of very few castles that formed part of King Edward's famous 'iron ring' of castles that he used to control Wales in the 13th century.

The 'iron ring' is considered the most important architectural achievement in Europe of its period, and four of the castles are now listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. The castle now offers a rare opportunity to purchase a unique gift for you or as a very special yet inexpensive gift.

Called 'Your Piece' you are now able to buy into the ancient medieval walls with a unique portion of wall allocated according to the package you choose. Available as a unique gift are tower and curtain wall, underground tunnel wall and dungeon and chamber wall portions.

A great gift or keepsake for someone who...

  • Has Welsh ancestry
  • Or would love an historic Royal connection
  • Or who cares about conserving irreplaceable heritage
  • Or is romantic
  • Or loves castles, chivalry, adventure, intrigue or menace
Buy more Passion & Romance - £49 +pp
Adventure - £59 +pp
Treason & Treachery - £69 +pp

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