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The Legends

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    Treason & Treachery
    Dungeon & Chamber Wall package
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    Down forbidding dark stone stairways and tunnels, lie the menacing and sinister dungeons and chambers and worse, a deep dark pit where prisoners were starved and tortured. The core of the castle, these walls no doubt witnessed centuries of macabre and unspeakable deeds.

    Some legends...

    The first known resident of Ruthin Castle, Dafydd ap Gruffudd was awarded the castle for his treacherous support of invading King Edward I. In a sinister twist of fate, Dafydd ap Gruffyd was himself executed for High Treason less than a year after becoming Prince of Wales and the last independent ruler of Wales. In brutal custom he was hung, drawn and quartered – his severed limbs dispatched to the four corners of the country and his head ‘spiked atop the Tower of London’ as a warning to others!!

    Hundreds of years later, after King Edward VI named 16 year old Lady Jane Grey as his successor, treachery is again linked to the Ruthin Castle walls. Descendant of the 3rd Baron Grey de Ruthyn, Lady Jane became a mediaeval political victim after her Privy Council turned traitor, to support Mary Tudor as the rightful heir. After just nine days as Queen of England, she was tried and executed for High Treason. She is now called the Nine Days Queen.