Choose your piece of 13th century Royal Welsh Castle

  • Passion and Romance

    Tower & Curtain Wall
    package £49 + p&p

    Select a gift of Passion

    The fortified curtain walls of Ruthin Castle and its storybook portcullis evoke images of romantic fables of gallant knighthood and chivalry, of distressed maidens and loyal steeds. Stretching between the main corner towers and facing the castle moats, these great walls have witnessed and encompassed intense love, romance and at times, frenzied passion.

  • Adventure

    Underground Tunnel Wall
    package £59 + p&p

    Select a gift of Adventure

    During centuries of epic battles and sieges, movement between the castle towers and the underground chambers and dungeons was harried and furtive through a small but important network of hidden, subterranean stone-lined tunnels. These were the supply routes, the reinforcement routes…..and in the last resort, the frantic escape routes.

  • Treason and Treachery

    Dungeon & Chamber Wall
    package £69 + p&p

    Select a gift of Treason

    Down forbidding dark stone stairways and tunnels, lie the menacing and sinister dungeons and chambers and worse, a deep dark pit where prisoners were starved and tortured. The core of the castle, these walls no doubt witnessed centuries of macabre and unspeakable deeds.

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