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    The fortified curtain walls of Ruthin Castle and its storybook portcullis evoke images of romantic fables of gallant knighthood and chivalry, of distressed maidens and loyal steeds. Stretching between the main corner towers and facing the castle moats, these great walls have witnessed and encompassed intense love, romance and at times, frenzied passion.

    Some legends...

    The Ruthin walls are drenched with the passion and heartache of the ‘Grey Lady’ who in desperation brutally dismembered her husband’s lover after discovering their torrid love affair. She was tried, sentenced to death and buried outside the castle walls where she still lies. Some people say she can still be seen, tormented and anguished, walking the battlements and lingering in the castle chapel.

    One of history’s greatest romantics, King Henry VIII not only owned Ruthin Castle but three of his consorts - Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour and Catherine Howard - were descendants of Ida de Grey who was born and lived at Ruthin Castle some years before. Henry VIII granted the castle’s use to his illegitimate son Henry Fitzroy, 1st Duke of Richmond and Somerset, 1st Earl of Nottingham. A product from his affair with teenage mistress Elizabeth Blount, Henry Fitzroy was the only illegitimate child acknowledged by Henry VIII.