Send a gift or have your own piece of 13th century Royal Welsh Castle

Looking for castle gifts?...

Ruthin Castle is one of precious few Welsh castles forming the notoriously fearsome 'iron ring' created more than 700 years ago and is packed full of magical legends just waiting to be cherished and enjoyed by many.

Today the castle is offering a limited and unusual Castle gift. For the very first time this unique Castle gift allows you to inexpensively 'purchase' a part of the ancient medieval walls through an offering called 'Your Piece.

Your Piece has a range of unique gift and keepsake packages which all include a Certificate of Registration authenticated by the castle owner featuring a connection to a unique part if the castle wall. The Castle gift also includes details of the castles royal heritage and sketch plans and elevation of Ruthin Castle.

A great gift or keepsake for someone who...

  • Has Welsh ancestry
  • Or would love an historic Royal connection
  • Or who cares about conserving irreplaceable heritage
  • Or is romantic
  • Or loves castles, chivalry, adventure, intrigue or menace
Buy more Passion & Romance - £49 +pp
Adventure - £59 +pp
Treason & Treachery - £69 +pp

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