Send a gift or have your own piece of 13th century Royal Welsh Castle

Give your loved one a valentine gift ...

There surely can't be anything more romantic than giving your loved one a unique connection to a real 700 year old mediaeval castle as a Valentine gift.

Mediaeval Ruthin Castle located in North Wales, near Chester, UK holds many tales of royal romance and hidden passion within her magical walls including legends of gallant knights, distressed maidens and royal liaisons. Your loved one can now be connected with these many romantic legends with a special gift that includes the 'purchase' of a historic part of the castle wall.

The Valentine gift you choose might include the fortified curtain walls of Ruthin Castle, stretching between the main corner towers and facing the castle moats, these great walls have witnessed and encompassed intense love, romance and at times, frenzied passion.

A great gift or keepsake for someone who...

  • Has Welsh ancestry
  • Or would love an historic Royal connection
  • Or who cares about conserving irreplaceable heritage
  • Or is romantic
  • Or loves castles, chivalry, adventure, intrigue or menace
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Adventure - £59 +pp
Treason & Treachery - £69 +pp

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