Send a gift or have your own piece of 13th century Royal Welsh Castle

Frequently asked questions...

What am I getting?

A beautiful presentation pack capturing and sharing the romance, adventure and intrigue of historic Ruthin Castle linked to a unique portion of the ancient walls and membership of an elite club, the ‘Knights of Ruthin’ that have helped to save this irreplaceable heritage.

What’s in the presentation pack?

All gift packages consist of:

  • A Certificate of Registration suitable for framing
  • Authentication by Castle owner
  • Reference number to your unique piece of ancient wall and  location
  • Sketch plans of the mediaeval Ruthin Castle
  • Sketch elevation of the mediaeval Ruthin Castle
  • Legends of Adventure, Romance, Treachery & Treason
  • An outline of the Castles Royal Heritage
  • Relation to UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Edward I ‘iron ring’ of Wales.
  • An elegant presentation folder for keepsake and memento

What is the elite ‘Knights of Ruthin’ club?

There are many fables of how in days of old when Knights were bold, Knights in shining armor, bravely rode on their trusty steeds to ‘save the day’. By purchasing our presentation packs each purchaser is helping to save Ruthin Castle from the decay of centuries and ensuring that it will be there for generations to come. Everyone owning an authentic Certificate of Registration is the modern-day equivalent of these Knights in shining armor and is automatically given an honorary membership. This membership leads to special offers and news of events and progress at Ruthin Castle.

Will I own the castle wall?

You will not have a realestate interest in any of the walls but WILL own a unique special connection to a specific portion. When you buy a package you are creating that special unique connection to a particular piece of the wall by way of a temporary allocation of that portion of the wall for 10 years after purchase. The recipient’s name will be recorded in our official Register of Allocation as the unique benefactor of that part of the wall. No one else will be able to buy that section.

Will I be able to see my portion of ancient wall?

Yes. You can visit your unique section of castle wall and even stay overnight within the ancient castle walls.

What’s the full cost?

Prices are calculated according to availability. The romantic Tower & Curtain Wall package costs £49 + postage & packing. Portions of the more limited adventurous underground tunnels cost £59 + postage & packing. The scarce chambers and dungeons cost £69 + postage & packing. All postage & packing rates are according to where the package is to be received. Exact details of these charges are available by filling in the recipient’s details whilst placing your order. These will clearly be shown on your order form BEFORE you finalise and make payment for your order. No further charges will be made.

Can this be delivered anywhere in the World?

YES. The postage & packing charge will vary however according to the delivery country.

Why use is the website of Ruthin Castle Conservation Trust, based in Wales, UK and the only organisation in the world authorized and trusted to provide this unique product. We are able to offer these unique ancient wall gift packages because we are exclusively licensed to do so.

How can I place an order?

Our "BUY NOW" and legend package links on the site allow you to make your purchase at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on public holidays such as Christmas. There are clear, simple instructions at each stage. You can order your package and be transferred to our secure payment gateway provided by Paypal. You will be asked to give the details of the recipient and where you want that package delivered. You will be able to add a personalized message if you are having the package delivered as a gift directly to the recipient. We deliver to customers around the world, please see above for delivery charges.

Are my credit card details safe when I make payment?

Absolutely secure. The on-line card payments are carried out on our behalf by PayPal to ensure your card details remain secure. PayPal secure encryption pages offer a particularly high level of security and encryption. While you are entering your card details you will see a secure padlock (Internet explorer) or a key (Netscape). We do not hold or see your card details as these details are provided directly through PayPal’s secure server.

How soon can I have delivery?

Immediately if necessary!! The moment you complete your purchase you will have the optional facility to immediately download and print a temporary Registration Certificate that you could use to give to someone instantly. This certificate will NOT contain the unique details of your allocated link to the castle but will allow you the opportunity to make an instant gift that will be replaced later by the authentic original Registration Certificate and presentation folder. This is perhaps the ultimate in ‘last minute’ gifts even on Public Holidays. Your presentation package will typically be delivered within 5 - 10 days of order placement (depending where the recipient lives) although we will always try to deliver sooner. Please allow extra time during peak times. If Recorded Delivery is required, packages should be sent to an address where someone is available to sign upon delivery.

What is the returns policy?

We pack each Certificate of Registration and Presentation Folder with the utmost care so that your gift arrives in mint condition. We will replace any goods damaged in transit where the postal receipt has been identified as “damaged” by the mail delivery company. Simply return the damaged goods in the condition they were received and we will replace them free of charge.

Why hasn’t my order been processed and what can I do?

Almost always this will be the result of not following the ordering instructions correctly or not giving full details or if your payment is declined. Please follow the online ordering instructions closely and make sure you give full and accurate details to avoid disappointment. If you have any query or experience any problems, please use the CONTACT US link and send an e-mail. If you have already made a purchase please be sure to quote your purchase reference number. We will always try to reply within 24 hours (but allow extra time please during Public Holiday periods).

Will my purchase really help to save the ancient walls of Ruthin Castle?

Certainly. As well as providing a wonderful gift or keepsake, 100% of your payment net of any applicable VAT will go to the Trust conserving the ancient walls of the castle, castle mansion and gardens of this great Royal Welsh Heritage. Any purchaser can know that they have been a part of saving Ruthin Castle’s ancient walls for future generations. Thank you for doing that.

Buy more Passion & Romance - £49 +pp
Adventure - £59 +pp
Treason & Treachery - £69 +pp

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