Send a gift or have your own piece of 13th century Royal Welsh Castle

Conservation gift for people who care...

The ravages of time offer a unique opportunity to purchase a very special conservation gift. Ruthin Castle located in North Wales near Chester began life as a wooden fort with its own connections to King Arthur.

Thereafter it was transformed into stone for King Edward I before passing through the royal hands of Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, and Charles I. Today precious parts of battlements, towers, dungeons and chambers remain and are listed as ancient monuments. As such there continues to be an underlying need to conserve Ruthin Castle's ancient walls.

This need has led to the castle owners announcing a special conservation gift known as 'Your Piece' where the public can inexpensively buy into the ancient walls and be personally linked with a piece of royal heritage.

A great gift or keepsake for someone who...

  • Has Welsh ancestry
  • Or would love an historic Royal connection
  • Or who cares about conserving irreplaceable heritage
  • Or is romantic
  • Or loves castles, chivalry, adventure, intrigue or menace
Buy more Passion & Romance - £49 +pp
Adventure - £59 +pp
Treason & Treachery - £69 +pp

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