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The Legends

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    During centuries of epic battles and sieges, movement between the castle towers and the underground chambers and dungeons was harried and furtive through a small but important network of hidden, subterranean stone-lined tunnels. These were the supply routes, the reinforcement routes…..and in the last resort, the frantic escape routes.

    Some legends...

    Under English rule, Wales was at the mercy of the greedy English barons. Reginald de Grey of Ruthin Castle led a large army from the castle and rapidly quelled the Welsh garrison when it rose up against their oppressors. 5000 strong, Reginald’s army fiercely conquered further uprisings during the Madoc Revolt protecting English townsfolk from the defiant locals.

    By the reign of King Charles I, Wales was almost wholly royalist and when the English Civil War broke out in 1642, Ruthin Castle was garrisoned on behalf of the king. The ‘Roundhead’ Parliamentary forces pursued Ruthin as their prime target in Wales and for eleven long weeks the castle and its brave defenders endured bombardment and siege only to fall when threatened with the walls being mined. Later, Ruthin was partially dismantled following an Act of Parliament to prevent it being re-used defensively.